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  • Low Salt Diet Shakes Off Heart Disease!

  •      Megaheart Has Been A Leader for no-salt and low-sodium For More Than 20-years and Now Major Studies Have Proved Us Correct
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  • Special Notice: Click here.—Finally proof that what we've been writing and stating in our cookbooks concening salt substitutes is correct. They even went a step further and said that foods marketed as "low sodium" are also overloaded with salt substitutes, such as the Heinz no salt addded Kethcup, which uses a product called "Also Salt." The bottomline is: Do not use salt substitutes. They could prove to be as deadly as salt itself.


    Lead Story:CDC publishes salt intake recommendations. States body only needs 180 to 500 mg of sodium. Don says, "Still too high, but a step forward for the CDC."

  • Salt negatively impacts the brain as well.

  • Blood Pressure -of-130-is-the-new-high-according-to-first-update-of-guidelines-in-14-years
  • New York Times Article Is Good Sign
  • Salt Toxicity
  • Nestles pledges to reduce salt.
  • Look out for sodium in fast foods. Click here.
  • Salt Tax Concept Roams the world
  • Industry uses poor excuses for adding salt.
  • High-sodium diet linked to MS— — Click here for pdf version.
  • Saturated Fats May Harm Memory
  • The Great Salt Shakedown Video
               from Canada's CBC Network.
  • Canadians Want Lower Sodium!
  • Another take on heart-healthy eating. Today's advice
              compared to yesterday's advice.
  • Is the Quaker Oats Diabetic Meal Plan Posted
              on their site "heart healthy?"
  • The heart-health benefits of dark chocolate.
  • FDA Dumps Pyramid for Food Plate
  • News Item: The Lid is Off. Salt does cause hypertension.
              Read More. . .

  • USDA lowers their recommended sodium intake. Check out 30 of the saltiest dishes drom Applelbee's.
  • Sodium is now the health subject of the day.

  • Traffic Light Idea For Food Packaging Click for Original BBC
  • Voluntary Action on Sodium Not Enough

  • No More Salt Says The AMA

  • Is Sodium / Salt the next Trans Fat Challenge?
  • Salt and Fatal Heart Attacks (Dr. Trevor Beard, Australia)
  •           Click Here To Visit Dr. Beard's Web site
  • Cancer Prevention Includes Cutting Sodium Way Down
  •            Click Here For Article On The Web
  • The Low Down on Low Sodium For Meniere's Patients
  • Low Sodium Cuts Repeat Hospital Trips
  • Food Processors to Get Help Reducing Sodium

  •           Click Here For Article Online
  • Salt Reduced Foods Grow In Popularity

  • Nestle Figures Out Salt Flavor Reduction

  • Still have doubts? Read this article.

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    Dietary Articles, General Category

  • Calculate Your BMI

  • Does the Paleo Diet Work?

  • Calories or Carbs? Don't trust headlines to be accurate.

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    Boost your kidney disease knowledge
    Help your Kidneys with Low Sodium

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    NEW: FDA Nutrition Label Changes
  • White Whole Wheat, Why It's Being Used
  • What About Vitamin K2?
  • Does the Paleo Diet Work?
  • Fish Oil Fails Again
  • More scientific evalutation of Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Is Omega-3 Good For Our Hearts?
  • Are we eating too much Omega-3 or too much Omega-6?
  • Healthy Adults Should Not Take Vitamin E
  • Dietary Supplements Can be Dangerous
  • HPS2-THRIVE May Signal the End for Niacin
  • VIDEO  ACC Hallway Buzz: HPS2-Thrive Trial

  • Non GMO Healthier Canola Oil produced with double-expeller pressings.
  • Fish/Salmon Oil May Be Tainted with PCBs
  • Is CoQ-10 a necessary supplement? Yes, if taking a statin.
  • Anti-Oxidant fruits and vegetables may prevent Lymph Cancer

  •           Click Here To Visit Online Article
  • Vitamin D Needed for Survival

  •           Click Here For Article Online (AP Article)
  • Olive Oil choice: Best for good health.
               Click Here For Article Online
  • Folate and B12 May Influence Cognition Among Seniors
  • Are You Taking Vitamin E Supplements?
  • Did you know your vitamins and meds have sodium
         in them?
  • A Lesson In Omega-3, Omega-6 And The Meat To Eat

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    The Dr. Oz Oddity via Twitter
  • What about aspirin when taking Plavix?

  • Are C-Scans worth the danger?
  • Water Quality, Bottled Water
  • Transfats, Sugar, Salt, each under attack.

  • --->Text Only for above article.
  • FDA Rules Out Trans Fat via Hydrogenated Oils
  • Calcium Blockers may cause breast cancer.
  • Apnea treatment gets heart back in shape.
  • Harvard says red meat not so good for us.
  • A sign of things to come with your medical care.

  • Summer Weather Change Could Shorten Your Life
  • BP Drop When Rising Linked to Heart Failure
  • New Blood Thinner Linked to Higher Heart Attack Risk
  • CPAP Improves Metabolic Syndroome in Apnea patients
  • List: All Additives & Chemicals Added to Food In the USA

  • Gluten Free Only For Those who Need It
         Advice is that you don't join the new "no gluten" fad unless
         you absolutely need it.
  • Body fat proved not good for the heart.
  • Unknown Cholesterol Especially Hard On Heart

  •           Click Here To Visit Online Article
  • All About Acrylamide

  •            Click Here To Visit Online Article
  • Think you can have a few drinks each day?
         Lifestyle choices make a huge difference in your health.

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  • Driving a diesel vehicle or behind one?

  •      If you have coronary heart disease you might want to change your ways.
         Lifestyle choices make a huge difference in your health.

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  • Trans-Fats Substitute May Be Worse!
  • Look Out For Brined Chicken & Pork.
         They Also Add Sugar
  • You May Be Eating MSG And Not Know It
  • Nuts To Dieting?

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    Vitamin K Finder

    MEDICATIONS, Prescripton and Over The Counter (OTC) & DEVICES & OTHER

    The Future of Medicine—Digital Med
  • Some A-Fib Patients Don't Need Anti-Coagulants.
  • Approved Canadian Online Pharmacies

  • Should You be Taking One Aspirin a Day?
  • Aspirin can prevent Cancer.
  • Medications and Food Interactions

  • Outlook better with Taking Warfarin right after major bleeding
  • FDA Warns of Arrhythmias with (AZ Pack) Azithromycin
          Read more.

  • Aspirin: Questions and Answers

  • Cholesterol Drugs May Not Be Doing The Job— Video

  • Aspirin for Reducing Your Risk of Heart Attack and
         Stroke: KNOW THE FACTS

  • Before Using Aspirin to Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack
         or Stroke, Here Is What You Should Know

  • Zetia and Zocor combined to make Vytorin
         May Not Work

  • Does Your Dentist Prescribe Anti-Biotics For Each Dental      Visit? "Stop it," says the AHA.
  • Are you taking more sodium than you want with
         your medications?
  •  Watchman Prevails on Safety for Stroke Prevention in Afib

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  • A group of doctors just asked Columbia to reconsider
            Dr. Oz's faculty appointment

  • You can alter each of our bread recipes by making them without sugar. Just add 1/2 teaspoon yeast and each bread recipe should have one to two tablespoons Malted Barley Flour (a natural sweetener). You may also sweeten by using Granulated Splenda. We've not had success in our breadmaking with Stevia or Pyure (a Stevia product) as a sweetener. If you prefer to not use a sugar substitute, that works too. None are required nor do they affect yeast.
    Does Sugar Generate Coronary Heart Disease?

  • Older Patients Benefit With ICD

  • Aspirin can prevent Cancer.

  • A-Fib Articles You May Want To Read
  • Sleep Apnea May Cause Osteoporsis.
  • An interview worth reading.
  • Food Prices To Go Up?

    Click Here To Visit Online Article
  • New Pump Saves Hearts


  • Can We Prevent A-Fib?

  • Low Testosterone Can Cause Sudden Cardiac Arrest

  • Can We Prevent A-Fib?

  • A Fib. Important articles for you to read.
  • Ablation surgery or medications. Which is safer?
  • Ongoing stable Angina and standard care.
  • Ablation & Coagulants (Aspirin does not work to prevent
               strokes with a-fib patients)
  • Cardiology Intervention for 2014
  • Blood Pressure Readings upped.
  • Kidney stones linked to heart disease.
  • Hope for Broken Hearts. Heart Attack? Heart Failure? This is a must read.
  • Click here for PDF version.

  • SC: Diabetes Drugs No Help for Heart
  • White Rice Joins White Bread in lead to Type 2 Diabetes
  • Atrial Fib Needs Full Attention
  • Legumes linked to lower diabetes risk

  •      An increased intake of legumes like peanuts and soybeans could reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by over 40 percent, suggests a new study.
  • Innsoluable Fiber Helps Diabetics

  • HOAX e-mails Relating To Health


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  • APNEA same stroke risk for men and women.
  • Free Downloadable Calorie Counter. Helps you control your weight.
  • Everything you learned about CPR is wrong!

  • Pay attention to the air you breathe before you exercise
          or exert yourself.
    Click Here For Article in Acrobat Format
  • New Heart Attack Recovery Method
  • FDA Rejects Italian Aspartame Study
  • So, You Want A Private Hospital Room?

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