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Help For Heart Disease, Meniere's, Hypertension, Kidney & other Ailments was the first no-salt, low-sodium Web site on the Net, and The No-Salt Lowest Sodium Cookbooks were the first of their kind anywhere. These popular books from MacMillan-St. Martin's Press (New York), are the most highly recommended by doctors, dietititians, nurses and hospitals as necessary for those needing to cut salt out of their life and lower sodium, too.

Chef Don created each recipe in The No-Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook and The No-Salt, Lowest Sodium Baking Book, many based on recipes he's had in his collection for years. His wife joined him with her great soup and salad recipes while producing The No-Salt, Lowest Sodium Light Meals Book and for theThe No-Salt, Lowest Sodium Internatonal Recipes Book. Chef Don is the author of Living Well Without Salt, a great first timer's book. He writes about how to adapt to the no salt lifestyle, and bases it on his own fourteen years of reversing heart disease through a no-salt lifestyle.

Each book also lists the USDA nutrient values for each recipe including nutrients necessary for a healthy heart. Each ingredient has its sodium level for the amount used listed alongside each ingredient so that when and if you make adjustments, you'll know exactly what you're changing.

For the Light Meals Book, Chef Don's wife Maureen, ("The best soup maker on the planet," Don claims), created the collection of soups and salads. Don says, "She used no chemicals, no substitutes, just darned good ingredients and has a talent for adding the right spices and herbs." The book includes some of Don's bread recipes, some spice mixes, sandwiches and more.

All recipes were designed for those who absolutely must cut the salt from their diets and lower their sodium. Salt is not the culprit, sodium is. Salt just has a lot of sodium in it. (This statement has been amended however with further scientific research. It seems that salt is a culprit for some body damage, such as our palate, our stomach, our intestines and even our brain. Salt is a harsh chemical that irritates and damages.)

"It is a matter of survival for each of us. At Megaheart your survival is taken seriously," Don says. "Because St. Martin's agreed to being the first major publisher to produce a book that had never been tried before, we have helped thousands and thousands of heart patients as well as those with Meniere's Syndrome and other chronic diseases that require a no-salt, low-sodium lifestyle."

No-Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook was introduced to the world in 2001 and our The No-Salt, Lowest Sodium Baking Book arrived two years later. In 2005 we introduced The Light Meals Book and in 2007 we added a large collection of international and regional recipes based on popular dishes from Asia to Europe and South America and Africa. In 2010 Living Well Without Salt appeared in bookstores and online in October. Each recipe has been carefully created to help us survive our chronic illness and enjoy life as we like it. These aren't just standard recipes with the salt removed. These recipes were tested over and over for flavor, content and sodium levels for each ingredient. They have been adjusted to perfection and then parsed by a registered dietitian.

The No-Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook contains the original 28-day menu-planning guide to help stop hypertension and improve heart failure and to help those with Meniere's. This daily menu-planner can be used by you to help you build your own plan. You don't have to use the recipes in the plan. Make up your own using the plan as a guide to build what you like to eat — and stay within your selected sodium levels. The Introduction to this book was written by cardiologist Dr. Sandra Barbour, M.D., Kaiser Permanente Foundation.

Our no-salt, low-sodium meal planner, used in conjunction with exercise and your medications as prescribed, is designed to help you improve your life. For actual results, visit our testimonial pages for letters sent to us by visitors at, where we have been helping patients get off the transplant list and to resize their hearts to a more normal state since 1997.

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If you have questions concerning cooking low sodiium meals, then you can email our chef: "Ask the Chef." You are also invited to submit questions you have concerning no-salt and low sodium cooking, foods and your own favorite recipes you may want adapt to your no-salt, low sodium diet. One of our 4 chefs will respond to you within days with an answer, or help guide you to the best resource for the best answer. Who's Chef Don?

Why not order a copy of The No-Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook today. Just click on the book image above or click here to order your copy.

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The compliments (testimonials) you find here are from visitors to this site. Many have heart disease, Meniere's syndrome, kidney, liver and other ailments that require a low sodium, no salt diet. They have already received recipes, tried them and in all cases have enjoyed them a great deal.

Each of The No Salt, Lowest Sodium books are currently available at most bookstores as well as online at,, and other online book sites.

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