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Los Angeles - July, 2003 has reached even higher for audience in the past year with more than 7 millon hits and nearly 2 million unique visitors. Visitors to come for specific reasons. is not a general information website but a special site devoted to helping heart patients and others with maladies that require a no salt or low salt lifestyle. Megaheart's books, The No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook and No Salt, Lowest Sodium Baking Book are the keys to Megaheart's success. Hundreds of heart and Meniere's patients have written to Megaheart thanking Donald Gazzanig for his books and helping them to survive what would otherwise have been somewhat "miserable" lives. posts new recipes monthly in a newsletter. It's all free. Already the new cookbook has been credited with getting Gazzaniga from the heart transplant list and helping others to get off the list.