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For Immediate Release: March 12, 1998

MegaHeart Announces Affiliation with Healthy Heart Market

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., — Pete Eiden, owner of Healthy Heart Market, an internet based company that supplies low sodium ingredients and foods to those who must cut their salt and sodium intake, announced today a strategic alliance with "It's a natural," Eiden said. "Megaheart is involved in providing a complete daily menu plan for heart patients and others who must cut their salt intake and drop their sodium levels to as low as 500 mg a day. Healthy Heart Market supplies many of the no-salt-added ingredients."

Healthy Heart Market can be found at Healthy Heart Market, and at where it can be accessed for specific ingredients listed in each recipe at the website. The two sites are becoming well known globally, with each site providing useful and free information to new members.

"Megaheart sought this alliance," Donald Gazzaniga, president of MegaHeart said. "We provide new recipes at the website. When we use a recipe that calls for a hard-to-find ingredient, we built a link directly to Healthy Heart Market for visitors to access immediately." The two websites have grown in popularity. "Both of these web sites are providing a great service," Dr. Michael Fowler of Stanford University Medical Center said. "The web is a great medium for sharing information, and they are doing exactly that for those in need of no-salt and low sodium diets."

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