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For Immediate Release: September, 2004

MegaHeart Announces Upcoming Publication of New Cookbook for No-Salt, Low-Sodium Diet Series

NEW YORK, N.Y. — St. Martin's Press and Thomas Dunne Books, New York based publishers, will publish "The No Salt, Lowest Sodium Light Meals Book," authored by Donald A. Gazzaniga and Maureen A. Gazzaniga in January of 2005.

Originally planned for November, 2004 release, the book was delayed "because of it's intricate and complex nature," said Donald Gazzaniga. "I'm afraid we threw a great deal of information into the book as well as some excellent no salt recipes for what will become known as the world's greatest no salt soups. All the material slowed down the planned proof reading, which means we're going to get a great book out of all our work."

The Light Meals Book follows the success of the No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook, which has been a bestseller for heart related cookbooks as well as those for Meniere's Syndrome. "These are the only books of their kind in the world, offering not just recipes, but a plan to guide broken hearts back to good health," stated the author Donald Gazzaniga, who also interacts with book buyers at his website, Megaheart.com. "We have learned that books have also been a major asset for those suffering from Meniere's, hypertension and kidney diseases."

"The book, with a foreword by Dr. Michael B. Fowler, director of University of Stanford Heart Transplant Clinic, will contain more than 150 original no salt, low sodium soup, salad and sandwich recipes as well as new sandwich bread recipes. "The soups are made without chemicals, salt, sodium products and we guarantee that each one is absolutely the best soup you'll ever eat," Gazzangia stated.

More than five million visitors a year click into Megaheart.com for free samples of Gazzaniga's recipes. Monthly newsletters notifying members of new recipes are sent out on the first of each month. Members may also write in and ask for recipe advice or have one of their own analyzed at no charge. Megaheart is a free website and requires no password or other tricks to get to all the valuable information at the site.