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Sodium -- Just What Do We Know?

Write over the word ANSWER into the box at the right of each question.
Don't expect to get them all. These are here to lead you to explanations about the top 10 questions received at To skip quiz, just click on the button at the bottom leading you to the answers.
1. How many milligrams of Sodium are in 1-teaspoon of salt?   

2. How many milligrams of Sodium are in 1-teaspoon of Sea Salt?   

3. Do we have to eat some salt?   

4. True or False: All Canned and Packaged foods are too high in sodium.   

5. Where is the best online source for low sodium ingredients?   

6. Which of the no salt, low sodium cookbooks is rated number one by nurses, cardiologists and patients alike?   

7. How many milligrams of sodium are in an apple?   

8. Where do we get the iodine we need now that we aren't using table salt?   

9. Is reducing sodium to help lower blood pressure a myth?   

10. Is there a product known as "potassium salt?"

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