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Sponsor Advertising Opportunities attracts visitors through extensive site promotion, search engine optimization, and strategic links with other web sites. Sponsors can benefit by informing those visitors seeking information and products related to the heart and heart disease. See sponsorship options below.

Site Banner: A banner message is rotated to appear at select positions throughout the site. Users may click the banner to get to your web site or page you select. The standard banner size is 400x60 pixels.

Exclusive Heart Rx Banner: Your full-color graphic message appears at the top or bottom of all pages in the HeartRx section of The banner size is 400x60 pixels.

Sponsor Ad: Your company logo with message appears in the left side of page with a link to the web site or web page you choose.

Product Ad: Your product message and image will be displayed on right side of appropriate page with a link to your web site or other web page you select.

MegaNews Newsletter: An opt-in online newsletter provides space for text-based advertisements and links to your web site or other web page you choose.

Heart News: You may post press releases as deemed appropriate, and may announce a new product launch in the section.

Fast Facts and Guides: Sponsorship is available for modules dealing with alternating quick facts, quizzes, and quick quides to heart related topics.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact us at Megaheart Sponsor is an independent web site, having no connection to a specific healthcare or medical institution. offers educational information at no cost to the viewer, and is supported in part by sponsors who offer products, information or services that complement the content delivers. Sponsors do not influence the content that is provided on the site, unless the content is related through a news story or event.