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Welcome to Megaheart. Since 1997 Chef Donald Gazzaniga has helped thousands of heart disease patients, those with Meniere's Syndrome, hypertension, congestive heart failure, Nephrotic disease and other maladies that require a lowered sodium lifestyle.

Chef Don created the first dietary approach to reversing heart disease as well as hypertension. Meniere's patients and those with tinnitus easily control their dizziness with the dietary plan in his Macmillan–St. Martin's Press No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook.

Scores of CHF patients, including Chef Don, have avoided a heart transplant after adopting Chef Don's plan and reversed their heart disease. Since 1997, Chef Don has not consumed more than 500 mg of sodium per day.

Megaheart provides free no-salt recipes and offers new recipes each month to members who sign on for the free monthly Newsletter. Chef Don is an expert at no-salt cooking and has also developed many special spice mixes and rubs for no-salt seasoning choices.

Chef Don has authored six no-salt, low-sodium recipe books and during the past twenty years provided more than 1,000 free low-sodium recipes online. Megaheart also provides sources for low-sodium foods. "A low-sodium diet is necessary," Don says, "if we are to really improve our health."

Although first created for heart patients, Megaheart and Chef Don's no-salt cookbooks cater to those with all illnesses requiring a low-sodium, low salt lifestyle. You need go no further to find the proof of his statement than Don himself. Diagnosed with "terminal dilated cardiomyopathy" and realizing an EF of 18 with only 12% oxygen, Don's recovery is amazing.

"I prescribe Don's books to my patients. Each one of them returns feeling much, much better and tests better, too. I also give many presentations in seminars for cardiologists and nurses throughout the country where I am adamant about lowering salt and sodium in the diet in order to improve lifestyle and heart health." — DR. Michael B. Fowler, MB, F.R.C.P., Director, Heart Failure Program, Medical Director, Cardiomyopathy Center, Stanford University Medical Center

Don's no salt, lowest sodium recipe books are published by Macmillan–St. Martin's, the world's largest and best known book publisher.

"Living Well Without Salt," was published by Arrowhead Classics and covers the gamut from our first day of diagnosis to that point where we return to a healthy life. "When we drop salt," Don says, "we drop our blood pressure and often lose weight that stays off."

The No Salt, Lowest Sodium Barbecue & Grilling Cookbook was in response to hundreds of notes asking for BBQ recipes. "This book goes a step further," book reviewer Frank Stevens wrote, "it includes recipes that make for a complete barbecue meal from starters to desserts and side dishes as well." Published by Arrowhead Classis Publishing.

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